The Electoral Reform Party is a new political party to challenge the top-down nature of our political process. Major party politicians put their party first, instead of their local constituents interests. The Electoral Reform Party is committed to raising the accountability of government by addressing the electoral system at the core of our democracy while saddling politicians with obligations to their local constituents necessary for retaining their job between elections.

#1 The Electoral Reform Party will put forth legislation replacing FPTP with a voting system that has Proportional Representation and Ranked Ballots so Ontarians are free from strategic voting and the make-up of the Legislature better reflects how we voted. The ERP are proponents of the multi-member district system Single Transferable Vote and the variant known as Rural–Urban Proportional Representation to ensure local representation in even our most vast rural ridings while still offering ranked ballots and proportional representation.

#2 Legislation obligating MPPs to hold monthly Town Halls in their riding so their constituents can hold them accountable face-to-face and so MPPs have a pulse on the riding they represent.

#3 Legislation obligating MPPs to publish a weekly newspaper column/blog/vlog (something) publicly available to explain how they’ve personally been representing their constituents.

#5 Legislation obligating the provincial government to maintain a Public Ledger of ALL Government Spending

#7 Legislation introducing General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) for Ontarians like they have in the EU & California

#4 Legislation tying MPPs’ salaries to their approval rating amongst their constituents in their riding.

#6 Legislation restricting the length of a government’s mandate based on the proportion of declined ballots. Gives a voice to civil unrest and introduces a mechanism to minimize the damage of governments elected from a field of unpopular options.